About Us


This isn’t just your ordinary hot over the chaffer dish catering! If you’re hosting an event, be sure your guest will thank you for a meal well done. What else is better than a variety of cuisine prepared with hands specialized in authentic New Orleans flavor? Not to mention our recipes are passed down from generations to generations. “And you know mama didn’t measure anything…and neither do we!” It’s cooking from the heart! Enjoy some of our favorites: Creole Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice, Cajun Fried Turkey, Muffuletta’s and so much more.

What’s Behind the Spice
In the name of the onion, celery and green bell pepper! If you didn’t know the Holy Trinity of creole cooking, well you have now been blessed. At Mardi Gras Tyme we cook for the betterment of our community, so all of our dishes are prepared with the health of our customers in mind. If it’s good cooking no need to overload on salt and seasoning, so we don’t. We are conscious of our community’s efforts to stay healthy and enjoy tasteful NOLA food. So, in support we’ve created our own blend of spices to ensure your taste isn’t jeopardizing your chance to lead a healthy lifestyle.


The Company

The taste of New Orleans starts at your table.
Mardi Gras Tyme is a food service company that specializes in event coordination and on- site catering.
Mr. Jones, the owner and operator has over 20 years of hospitality experience under his belt and on his apron! As a certified event planner and chef, he’s had the honor of facilitating game changing parties at sport stadiums, elegant Military Service Balls, serving memories at weddings receptions, fraternity galas, fundraisers, outdoor family BBQ picnics, and black- tie corporate events.

The brand is in the name! Mardi Gras Tyme is all about a party you’ll remember and want to experience again and again.
“Just like my float themed food trailer, I’m throwing the real New Orleans experience; culture and food.”
Everyday is Mardi Gras Tyme with homestyle cuisine, humble hospitality and good ol’ fun.

Mr. Jones not only throws a good time but he’s also paying it forward. Mardi Gras Tyme strives to build a social enterprise that continues to feed those in need. The goal has always been to share in a daily good deed and to be sure to impactfully touch those whom we come in contact with. We are building on a foundation of all around service.

Don’t forget to have Mardi Gras Tyme spices in your kitchen! More original blends will be available for order. Warm up your grease…Mardi Gras Tyme fish fry coming soon!


Who we serve:

(Nope, they weren’t hungry after Mardi Gras Tyme)

  • Howard University Homecoming
  • Charles County wine Festival, Maryland
  • Howard County Parks & recreation, Maryland
  • Manassas Airport, Virginia
  • Pentagon
  • Price Water House Cooper
  • George University
  • Kaiser Permenante
  • Bureau of ATF
  • Bureau of Printing of Engraving
  • Prince Hall Mason’s Grand Lodge