About Chef Craig

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Well known for being a hard worker, full of passion and knack for putting smiles on people’s faces. Chef Craig always wanted to be a restaurateur. His dream started early on in high school where he envisioned his path would become that of a restaurant General Manager. He’d started humbly from the ground up at chains such as Pizza Hut with positions  as prep, cook, and back of the house.

After working for Black Tie, an event service company that specializes in service etiquette he moved onto  Aramark as a caterer and then to his duty as a  cook under Chef Eric Boudreux.

“One of my first fondest memories as a cook was preparing for the President of Northwestern University. They were so pleased they requested that I be the only individual to serve them and their guest.”

In 2003, the entrepreneurial drive tugged at me and I quickly found the passion and drive to work for myself. I bought a pick-up truck, tables and set up outside the club. My menu consisted of: jambalaya, hamburgers, smoked sausage and hotdogs. Good ol’ outside the club food!

That same year I worked at Natchitoches Senior High as an inventory specialist and learned a  new aspect of the business from the supplier, operational, efficiencies and inventory management side. The perfect extension to improving and growing my business to a different level.

After, moving to Maryland in 2004 for an opportunity with a nursing home group as front of the house manager I was recruited to Uno’s high -volume restaurant Baltimore in a Harbor.

I’ve  worked for Corner Bakery and successfully launched new restaurants in the Baltimore Metro Area. From there I’d worked at Pop Belly and it was at that instance I knew I could  do more than just make sandwiches.

While doing catering on the side. Like many stories, I’d experienced a setback while recovering from a car accident and was out of work for 6 months. It was an opportunity to reflect, test my faith and put things in perspective and that’s when it was Mardi Gras Tyme….


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